Our paper on Pt2HgSe3 has been published in Nano Letters

Pt2HgSe3 is a layered, van der Waals mineral, called jacutingaite. It was discovered in 2008 in Brazil [1] and the monolayer has been predicted to be a large gap topological insulator [2]. Our group has been able to detect signatures of the predicted topological edge states, within a bulk gap that is larger than 100 […]

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Intra-valley scattering in crumpled graphene

Our paper on intra-valley scattering on strain-induced pseudo-magnetic field fluctuations has been published. Kun, P. et al. Large intravalley scattering due to pseudo-magnetic fields in crumpled graphene. npj 2D Mater. Appl. 3, 11 (2019).

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