How to identify perfect rhombohedral graphite

Our group has used electronic Raman scattering to identifying perfect rhombohedral graphite (RG), heralding a new phase in exploring this exciting and simple flat-band correlated material. The simplicity of RG offers a unique window into understanding complex electron interactions. Our recent preprint be found here. Comments are welcome.

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The origin of hydrocarbon contamination on graphene and other van der Waals materials

Our group has identified, using low temperature STM and infrared spectroscopy measurements, the structure and composition of the hydrocarbon contamination found on many van der Waals material surfaces (hBN, MoS2, etc.). When exposing fresh surfaces to ambient conditions, the initial contamination layer is replaced within days by a monolayer of straight chain alkanes. These alkanes […]

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High pressure structural change and superconductivity in jacutingaite

The result of our collaboration with the group of Prof. Yanpeng Qi at ShanghaiTech University has just been published in npj Quantum Materials. Our work reveals that Pt2HgSe3 (jacutingaite) transforms to a monoclinic structure (space group Pc), above 55 GPa and at the same time becomes a superconductor.

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Crumpled graphene

Visible plasmons in ultra-corrugated graphene

In our recent paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, we show that the plasmon frequencies of graphene can be tuned from terahertz frequencies into the visible range. This enables extremely sensitive detection of molecules from femtomolar concentrations by Raman spectroscopy.

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Our paper on Pt2HgSe3 has been published in Nano Letters

Pt2HgSe3 is a layered, van der Waals mineral, called jacutingaite. It was discovered in 2008 in Brazil [1] and the monolayer has been predicted to be a large gap topological insulator [2]. Our group has been able to detect signatures of the predicted topological edge states, within a bulk gap that is larger than 100 […]

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Intra-valley scattering in crumpled graphene

Our paper on intra-valley scattering on strain-induced pseudo-magnetic field fluctuations has been published. Kun, P. et al. Large intravalley scattering due to pseudo-magnetic fields in crumpled graphene. npj 2D Mater. Appl. 3, 11 (2019).

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