How to prepare and identify perfect rhombohedral graphite

Our research group has successfully applied electronic Raman scattering to identify perfectly stacked rhombohedral graphite. This task presents a notable challenge due to the potential for defects in the stacking order during the exfoliation of few layer graphite from bulk natural or synthetic crystals. Previously, distinguishing between defective and perfect stacking orders, particularly in samples […]

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STM data analisys tool: RHKPY

Our group has developed RHKPY, a python tool designed to read sm4 files of RHK, leveraging the work of the rescipy project. It makes use of xarray and HoloViews to simplify complex data handling tasks. Among its features, RHKPY offers quick visualization, thumbnail generation, peak fitting to spectroscopy data, background removal, etc. In the Jupyter […]

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Python tool for Raman spectroscopy analysis

Our group has published ramantools, a Python package designed to streamline Raman spectroscopy data analysis. By leveraging the power of xarray, ramantools offers an intuitive and efficient workflow for handling, processing, and visualizing Raman data. Source is available from GitHub. Documentation and examples can be found here: Happy measuring 🙂 If you use this […]

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